Alepat Taylor boasts a dedicated and knowledgeable sales team with a total of over 150 years of experience between them. 

The company’s product range is uniquely focused and diligently marketed to stand out from its competitors.  Alepat Taylor offers strong and consistent promotional support as the company prides itself on building the brand image of its wines, spirits and liqueurs, offering an array of promotional support in the form of:
  • Product launches
  • Regular product tastings
  • Product promotions
  • Monthly specials
  • Sales incentives
  • Customer loyalty programs
Promotions are also organised through all major wholesalers, banner groups and retail liquor chains with marketing and sales strategies constantly reviewed.

Alepat Taylor's marketing team have developed a natural instinct in identifying consumer demands and constantly seeks out new products that fit the dynamics of our portfolio.

Alepat Taylor is the agent and distributor for several premium Australian and Italian wines.  Our portfolio also has an extensive range of nationally and internationally recognised liqueurs and spirits.  In addition to this, Alepat Taylor has its own range of wines, spirits and liqueurs which is blended and bottled on the premises.

Alepat Taylor services over 4,000 liquor stores, restaurants, bars and clubs Australia wide.  The company boasts a firm relationship with Melbourne’s leading liquor groups while simultaneously providing excellent service to independent outlets, yet being diversified enough to meet the specific needs of restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and bars.

Our current distribution network includes strategic partnerships with some of Australia’s most prominent wholesale and distribution companies, all of which are family owned and operated.

Alepat Taylor prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction, offering an exceptional list of services available to all of our clientele.
  • 2 day lead time for delivery anywhere in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area
  • 1 day lead time for deliveries within Melbourne's CBD
  • 24 hour ordering service (telephone, facsimile or email)
  • deliveries to regional via customers nominated freight company
  • sales executives servicing country and metropolitan Victoria
  • internet access
  • regular service calls
  • on call service for specialised needs
For a full listing of our portfolio please click here.

For all your sales requirements and/or further information, please contact our Sales Manager at sales@alepat.com.au or phone +61 3 9487 2599.